Solar PV Systems and Products

Solar PV systems for your home is a clean source of energy that can;


Reduce your carbon footprint


Reduce reliance on electrical grid


Save you money in the long term

The electricity generated from Solar PV panels can be used directly on your appliances during sunlight hours and if you produce more than what you use, it is fed back into the grid and a credit is used to reduce your electricity bills. If home owners wish to take the next step, invest in a battery for the solar PV system and choose the option to go partially off grid. The STCs rebates are available for solar PV system owners and can make the option of going solar more affordable.

Solar Panels

At Radiant Electrical (WA), we only offer Tier 1 Panels. Solar panels on the market today are classified according to the quality of the brand. Tier 1 panels in the solar panel industry are generally better performance and quality.

Some of the Tier 1 brands we use;

*We can also supply other solar panels if requested by our customers.

Solar Inverters

At Radiant Electrical (WA), we recommend the Austrian made Fronius inverter. These inverters are efficient and reliable but do not compromise performance or quality.

*We can also supply a range of other inverters to suit our customers budget

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