Why Solar Power?

Here are some reasons why Perth businesses and homes can benefit from installing a Solar PV system.


Solar PV system rebates from the government helps ensure the investment of a system is more affordable. This in turn helps promote renewable energy in Australia.



The city of Perth is fortunate to receive an average of 8 hours of sunlight a day throughout the year. This makes Perth one of the most sunniest cities in Australia and provides Solar PV panels more hours in the day to work efficiently.


Any excess power generated by the Solar PV system installed gets fed back into the electrical grid and be credited against the electricity usage for the household.

Government Rebates

Solar system customers are eligible for government support for solar PV systems under the Renewable Energy Target, implemented by the Federal Government.

Renewable Energy Rebate

When a customer installs a solar PV system, the owner of the system will generate renewable energy certificates also known as Small Technology Certificates (STCs).

As a general guide, one STC is equal to one megawatt hour of renewable electricity generated by the system.

As a solar PV system provider, Radiant Electrical (WA) apply for these STCs on behalf of the customer and these discounts are provided up front and eventually result in reducing the cost of the solar PV system.

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